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Jan 7, 2010 11:00pm EST
counting savings in medicare. >> you literally cannot spend the same dollar twice. congressman's dream, but it won't work. >> another part of health care reform is so costly lawmakers made it a separate measure. so it would not inflate the cost of the health care bill. >> meantime, state lawmaker pat mcdonogh is trying to storm health care reform in a court of law. written a letter to gansler, and asking him to join a lawsuit against the plan. mcdonogh said the bill forces everyone to get insurance, and gives some states preferential treatment. >> the top law enforcement officer of every state in the nation should be on this case. to ignore it is to say, i don't care about the people. i don't care about the constitution. i don't care about the rights of the citizen. i don't care about doing my job. >> pat mcdonogh may introduce a bill in annapolis, if the lawsuit does not work. >> would you vote to keep or replace members of u.s. congress. so far 7 percent want to keep the members of congress. 93 percent want to replace them. and angelia responds on facebook. saying i think a lot of co
Jan 8, 2010 11:00pm EST
". >> the government is using music legend chubby checker to advertise the twist in the medicare drug program o january 1st, one millo income seniors became eligible for more benefits under the so-called extra help program. the old method calculated life insurance policies, as sets. the social security administration is urging seniors previously rejected now to reapply. for more information on the extra help program, call this toll free number. 8772 with 1213. still ahead. a terror suspect has his day in court. what he told the judge. >> and michael jackson's doctor is making headlines again. the conflicting reports tonight about his specific case. >> >> a man accused of trying to blow up an airplane on christmas day faced the judge today. umar farouk abdul mutallab appeared in federal court today for six charges. related to the attempted terrorist attack. he was only in court for several minutes. long enough to answer a few questions and plead not guilty. umar farouk abdul mutallab could face life in prison, if convicted. >> meantime, security at airports abroad get tighter after the botched attack ch
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2